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  • Bioresonance Therapy

    • System diagnostic
    • Therapy
  • Veda-Pulse

    The combination of Eastern traditional
    knowledge and modern Western technology

    • 250 medicinal plants
    • 80 essential oil
    • 200 food products

    The program allows you to create a recommendation for the treatment
    of 160 common diseases

  • Quantum therapy apparatus




Express Screening Analyzer
ANESA Automatic Non-invasive Express Screening Analyser
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Microwave Radiometry


Microwave Radiometry (RTM
Field of Application: Mammalogy, Urology,
Gynecology, Neuropathology...
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A revival of traditional analytical methods, based on analysisof data on the status of internal organs and tissue systems,
derived from information taken from the iris.
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A basic principle of the company is stable service products throughout its life.
The key to the success of our company is that it is constantly evolving. Much attention is paid to the development of new and existing medical devices.
Our team works to provide the best devices needs of the hospitals, centers, doctors and institutions in the field of:
  • Quantum medicine
  • Preventive medicine
  • Natural medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Alternative Medicine

Voll-Office, Bio-resonance, Anti-Parasites, laser therapy devices, Irido-diagnosis.
At present, special attention is paid to the use of advanced computer technology, a number of computer systems diagnoses of the human body, and everything related to private use and domestic..

We are ready for any kind of cooperation, both in acquisition and in the dissemination of our equipment. In addition, enterprises' has spare capacity and is ready to develop medical devices according to customer requirements.
Production Services Company
Customer Service provides warranty and post warranty repairs a full range of company products..
We are ready to answer any questions on the operation of equipment Milta..
In our warehouse in Beirut, always have in stock a wide range of spare parts to all equipment …
We provide exit to the client for diagnostic and preventive services for all types of autoclave production Milta…